Enable IP Address Conflict Detection on Windows DHCP Server

You can enable DHCP conflict on the network to diagnose issues related to client devices are not getting an IP Address.

In Summary:

  • DHCP server uses the Packet Internet Groper (ping) process to test available scope IP addresses before including these addresses in DHCP lease offers to clients.
  • A successful ping means the IP address is in use on the network. Therefore, the DHCP server does not offer to lease the address to a client. If the ping request fails and times out, the IP address, the DHCP server offers to lease the address to a client.
  • Each additional conflict detection attempt delays the DHCP server response by a second while waiting for the ping request to time out.

Using DHCP Manager

  • Assuming you have DHCP role already installed, Open DHCP Manager.
  • In the console tree, click the applicable DHCP server and select IPv4.
  • Right Click on “IPv4” tree select “Properties” or you can go to the “Action” menu, click “Properties”.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • On the “Conflict detection attempts”, type a number greater than 0 (zero) and less than six, and then click OK.

This value determines the number of times the DHCP server checks an IP address before leasing it to a client. However, for best practice, the value of Conflict Detection Attempts should be less than 4.


Using PowerShell CmdLet

To enable the Conflict Detection Setting, we can use “Set-DhcpServerSetting” CmdLet as below example.

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