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How to Migrate File Share to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-managed file storage solution, where users can share, manage and collaborate on documents in real time. A file server typically stores them on your onsite network, or an offsite data-Centre in some cases, where SharePoint Online stores your files in the Microsoft cloud. SharePoint Migration is a free tool provided by Microsoft and works great to migrate existing File Server, on-prem SharePoint Server to the SharePoint Online. Below are the to download the tool, setup and migrate your data successfully

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Installing the Ubuntu 20.04 Base System

Insert the Ubuntu install CD / DVD / USB stick into your system and boot from it. When you install the OS in a virtual machine like I will do it here, then you should be able to select the downloaded ISO file as a source for the CD/DVD drive in VMWare and Virtualbox without burning it on CD first. Start the server or virtual machine, it will boot the system and start the installer.

1 – Login on vCenter/vSphere

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