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Restrict Applications using Windows Group Policy “App Locker”

Recently, we had a requirement to restrict specific applications for a certain group of people due to license limitations and client had only purchased minimum licenses they required. Client is using RDS “Remote Desktop Server” and don’t want to allow everyone to use application and break their licensing.

There are various articles and documentation pointing to deny application/s to certain users, however this requirement was in other direction as to allow only specific users.

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Install Active Directory Domain Services On Windows Server 2022

Active Directory domain is a collection of Users, Group types, Computers, and Printers within a Microsoft Active Directory network. It can be identified using a DNS name, an organization’s public domain name, a sub-domain, or an alternate version.

Follow the below steps to install an active directory domain service on Windows Server 2022.

Step 1 – Login to Windows Server 2022 as an administrator user and

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Windows Server 2022 Installation Guide: Step by Step

This article is a step-by-step Windows Server 2022 installation guide.

Some new Features in Server 2022

Let’s look at the new features included in Windows Server 2022 release. Refer to the official Microsoft documentation for complete details on new features and enhancements.

  • Advanced multi-layer security in Server 2022 security module provides the comprehensive protection that servers need in today’s modern tech world.
  • Server 2022 is…

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