How to Install and Configure Azure Virtual Desktop in HP Thin Client

AVD is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service managed by Microsoft and hosted in the Azure cloud. It delivers simplified management with multi-session Windows 10 and Windows 11 support.

AVD is optimized for flexibility and enables organizations to deliver a virtual desktop experience and remote apps to any device, below are steps to upgrade ThinPro OS in HP T420 and setup Azure Virtual Desktop Client.

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How to Secure CPanel WHM Server

As security is a journey and not the destination so it is vital to review the logs regularly and harden your Servers. Securing your CPanel/WHM Server is also essential and make sure that your/customer hosting services are available all the times. This article is based on cPanel WHM-based Linux servers.

Here are a few basic steps that you should keep in mind for keeping a server secure.

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Restrict Applications using Windows Group Policy “App Locker”

Recently, we had a requirement to restrict specific applications for a certain group of people due to license limitations and client had only purchased minimum licenses they required. Client is using RDS “Remote Desktop Server” and don’t want to allow everyone to use application and break their licensing.

There are various articles and documentation pointing to deny application/s to certain users, however this requirement was in other direction as to allow only specific users.

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How to Create Amazon S3 bucket

What is an S3 Bucket?S3 stands for simple storage service, and it is AWS’s cloud storage service. S3 provides the ability to store, retrieve, access, and back up any amount of data at any time and place. As S3 is object-based storage, this means that all data is stored as objects.

  1. Login on AWS console and search for S3 or go to the URL

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